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7lens Herbal Capsule

Hans Finest Solutions Project | 2014
Price : N 5,950


Used to improve clarity of vision and functioning of the central nervous system.

DOSAGE: Adults - 2 Capsules twice daily and Children - 1 Capsule twice daily
CAUTION; Not to be taken by pregnant women, nursing mother and children below 5yrs.
PRESENTATION; 7LENS HERBAL CAPSULE 250mg pack of 60 Capsules.
If symptoms Persist After3days, Consult your Doctor.
Store in a Cool Dry Place.


Each 250mg capsule contains



The 7LENS HERBAL CAPSULE is a unique herbal formulation of time tested and proven herbs known for their abilities to improve clarity of vision and functioning of the central nervous system. The powerful herbal ingredients of 7LENS HERBAL CAPSULE also helps day and night vision, color perception and distance vision. It is enriched to prevent free radical damage to the eyes and protect the lens of the eye. It prevents vision loss, eye irritation and strain caused by overuse.

7LENS HERBAL CAPSULE, an intensively researched herbal treatment for weak eyesight is a perfect combination of eye toning herbs and nutrients. The herbs present are important nutrients for maintaining proper eyesight. It is ideal for those who do plenty of work such as students, teachers, doctors, computer engineers etc. It can also be effectively taken by people of old age who suffer from poor eyesight or who have difficulty in seeing far objects.

1. Terminalia chebula. 40%. Seed
This key ingredient which is well known for its properties for good metabolism, treating infections, diabetes, heart diseases and other various health problems. It is a great anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant which augurs well for improving eyesight. It clears the blood vessels and removes blockages which improve blood flow all over the body including the eyes thereby preventing blindness. It also improves mental health and promotes wisdom and intellect.
2. Vaccinium myrtillus. 30%. Leaf.
Also known as bilberry leaf is used for different conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. The US National institute of health rates it as being possibly effective for problems with the retina of the eye especially in people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
3. Phyllanthus embelica. Fruit. 20%
Contains Vitamin C which immensely improves the immune system. An improved immune system can counter all sorts of infections, allergies, minor disorders and protects good health and the smooth functioning of all the 5 senses of the body including the eyesight. Eyes are prone to infections, allergies and irritations which are harmful for good eyesight. Phyllanthus embelica can provide effective counter action to protect eyesight and improve it.
4. Glycyrrhiza glabra. Seed.10%
Contains rich anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatotoxic properties. It has been used over the years specially for improving eyesight and promoting hair growth.