Hans Finest Solutions Project 2014

A Few Words About Us

was incorporated under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT of 1990. The company has been in existence over the years as one of the pioneers of herbal medicine in Nigeria. Falaki Renewed Herbs Ltd was established on the belief that organically grown and wild- harvested herbs of the highest quality would have a positive effect on people's health. At a time when herbs were not scientifically known for their medicinal properties, Falaki Renewed herbs Ltd forged ahead, was progressive, and ahead of its time creating products with well thought out formulations using "better than organic" herbs. This has given Falaki Renewed Herbs Ltd a respected reputation that we are proud of. The herbs that are made into our herbal extracts, teas and medicinal oils come from many locally certified organic farms of sustainable and ethnical harvesters. Our desire is to share these products with you who are seeking a happier, healthier body and life with the use of nature's best. Over the years we have seen and personally experienced the benefit of these high quality herbal products. Herbs offer an effective approach to improving wellbeing and quality of life. Instead of "side effect" that many pharmaceutical and orthodox drugs have, herbs provide numerous "benefit". Falaki Renewed Herbs Ltd is an organization that takes time to listen to our valued customers and offer herbal information to empower them to take an active role in their health. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We genuinely appreciate you for celebrating years of "Herbal Excellence" with us. Thank you for being an inspiration.


Striving to be the world's leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, research and education.Preserving our heritage, leaving a sustainable herbal medicine practice for today, tomorrow and forever.


We have an unwavering commitment to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to prevent and cure serious diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance quality of life. 

Our Team

Our team is critical to our ability to achieve our mission. We rely on their knowledge, expertise and ability to innovate. Every employee is asked to perform with ethical integrity. We strive to create a workplace culture where employees feel valued and able to take ownership of their professional development and maximize their potentials. 

Our Core Values

1. Character

At FRH LTD, honesty and transparency in all our operations are the hallmarks of our business and this form the basis of our most minimum expectations from all stakeholders because we understand the value of trust and integrity in business as in life. We exhibit candour and authenticity, standing up for a cause, speaking out and speaking up. Absolute Integrity in Everything We Do or Say. “What's Right” and the Golden Rule are more than just nice ideas… they are at the core of how we operate our business.

2. Products That Work

 An important difference that keeps FALAKI RENEWED HERBS LTD head and shoulders above the rest is our products—products that work, and create customers that use them for a lifetime. With over decades of leadership in developing and manufacturing the highest quality products, FRH LTD will always deliver leading-edge products that meet and exceed the needs of people everywhere.

3. Passion

The zeal and tenacity to raise our bar of quality for customer satisfaction has continually sustained our brand within the competitive industry. This drives the energy and dedication of our team in striving to deliver and build consumer loyalty. 

4. Energy

The biggest energy the company has is that it was established specifically in response to the commercial climate in which it is found. We have a team in place who have the qualities, committment and passion required to make our vision a reality.  

5. Commitment

We are focused on integrating these values into our culture, decision-making and how we work. We continue to review and challenge our practices to ensure that our actions meet and exceed the expectations of the society.

6. Compliance 

As part of our commitment to helping patients, improving patient care and delivering value to those using our products, FALAKI RENEWED HERBS LTD has established and maintains an effective compliance program based on the highest ethical standards and in accordance with the federal, state and industry regulations and guidelines.